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 A seemingly small part has a major effect: If the starter motor
 does not function, then starting your commercial vehicle becomes
 a troublesome affair. As a result, the demands placed upon the
 quality and reliability of these components is particularly high.
 Starter motors in the trusted high PE branded quality
 meet all of the requirements of commercial vehicle

 workshops and fleet operators. The new product group,
 designed to further enhance the comprehensive PE range, is
 available with immediate effect from warehouse stocks.

 Developed and constructed to handle the high demands of daily   СТАРТЕРИ
 commercial vehicle operations: PE has employed their tried and
 tested high quality standards in the manufacturing of the article.
 Production is certified in accordance with ISO/TS 16949,   ЕДНА ОТ 700 ПРОДУКТОВИ
 and all PE starter motors are tested prior to delivery. This
 results in a level of quality that staff of both commercial vehicle
 workshops and fleet operators are able to rely on.  ГРУПИ С ВИСОКО КАЧЕСТВО.

 The current available range already contains many current starter   GERMAN ENGINEERING SINCE 1947.
 motor types for all the major European vehicle manufacturers,                                                                       DT® Spare Parts – Genuine Quality. Durable Trust.
 both for many truck models and for buses. The products are
 available directly from the warehouse, since a quick replacement                                                          
 is key when the starter motor is defective. Good to know: No old
 unit is required and therefore no surcharges are applied. The   100%    NO
 entire procedure is thus particularly simple.                TESTED     SURCHARGE   NO OLD UNIT
                                                                                                                                     Вашите предимства с DT® Spare Parts:                       
 The new product group continues to be expanded further. And, as                                                                                                                      
 always at PE, service is key: For starter types that are currently                                                                  ▪ 35 000
 not listed, the team will be happy to respond to inquiries.                                                                         ▪ 30
                                                                                                                                     ▪ 24

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